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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 31, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the status of the fire. >> reporter: i checked with cal fire and the 40-acre fire is now 100% contained. one engine and a small group of firefighters are going to stay up on the mountain on this new year's eve to make sure it stays that way. the brown, dry grass accelerated speed of the early morning fire in grant county park in san jose. 100 firefighters from san jose, cal fire and spring valley volunteer fire departments spent the day establishing a line around the flames. while air tankers dropped retardant from above. firefighters admit it's unusual to be battling a 40 acre vegetation fire in winter. >> in the 15 years i've never been on a vegetation fire on december 31st in santa clara county. >> reporter: the steep terrain posed a challenge, so did the tinder, dry grass. >> with lack of rains we've had, that's been our biggest battle is no rain. the vegetation that's behind us is still able to burn.
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ly normally this time of year we have several inches of rain and have green grass that wouldn't be able to burn. >> reporter: arson investigators are looking at whether the fire began in this abandoned car. sheriffs deputies confirm it was stolen and have been investigating cases of stolen cars dumped here off mt. hamilton road. neighbors say it's a big problem. >> honda civics, accords. they'll crash them all over the place coming up the mountain purposely, doing tricks and doughnuts and everything. by the time they're finished with them, they break the windshields and usually dump them off the edge of the clip. >> reporter: for now a small team of firefighters plan to ring in new year out here to make sure there are no flare-ups. sheriffs deputies say when they contacted the owners of two vehicles that they found near the fire, the owners had not even realized yet their vehicles were missing. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. air quality in the south bay
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has been poor for weeks. today's fire made things worse. this is what it looked like in san jose late this afternoon. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has more on the lingering problem and dry spell that complicated this fire fight. >> yeah, janelle. the reason why our fire season never ended is the fact we are in a drought, not just for the bay area but for all of california, in fact, a good section of the west. as we zoochl m in for the east extreme drought. again, very dry as we've been mentioning. more new numbers are coming in. san jose now ranks as the driest calendar year ever as well. this is unbelievable. 3.80 inches since january the 1st. that it. in years past we've picked up 4 to 5 inches in a week alone. we're hoping to flip over the calendar tomorrow to 2014 and pick up a lot more rainfall. now that air quality is at unhealthy levels in the south bay peninsula and north bay, we'll let you know when all of
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this is expected to improve coming up in the full forecast a little bit later on. >> all right, thanks a lot, jeff. we have two late gots in the jahi mcmath case. within the last two hours, there are new reports the california department of public health is investigating children's hospital and the tonsil surgery at the center of the case. we're also learning this afternoon a judge made a critical ruling. nbc bay area's kris sanchez has been at the hospital all day and jo joins us with more on the ruling and vase. >> reporter: hi there, diane. the state department of public health is investigating children's hospital oakland as you mentioned, but know they're talking about it publicly for the first time today, this probe began two weeks ago as we were told by a spokeswoman for the hospital. meanwhile, a judge today denied the family's request to force the hospital to insert a breathing tube, something that has to happen before jahi mcmath can be moved to another facility. >> she is a beautiful girl and she is human. and she is breathing.
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and she is moving. and i love when i go in there and i touch her and she moves. >> reporter: jahi mcmath's family continues to pray for a miracle. not only that the 13-year-old will wake up, but at the very least, that oakland children's hospital will either put in a breathing tube or allow another doctor to perform the tracheotomy at their hop spital >> you want my daughter out of here so bad as well as i do, but you won't do the one thing to get her out of here, so i don't understand. >> reporter: a spokesman for the hospital says it will not ask its staff to perform any procedure on a person who is legally dead because it violates medical ethics. in a letter to the family today, hospital also said it would not allow an outside doctor to use its facilities to perform the procedure, either. >> the family's attorney, mr. dolan, makes it seem like it's simple. just hand over her body as if it were a piece of furniture. that's not how this works. this is a very tragic situation. there are legal rules. more medical procedures. >> reporter: the attorney for the family says the hospital is
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acting not on the basis of medical ethics but on the basis of financial self-protection. >> if jah i dies, it's to their direct benefit if they are negligent. i mean, millions of dollars to their benefit. i would hope and pray that that doesn't motivate medical professionals but you have to ask after this much time, why don't you just let jahi go? why keep her locked up in that room? >> reporter: as the battle continues, swrrjahi remains in room on a ventilator after a december 9th tonsil surgery when she suffered a heart attack. yesterday, an alameda county superior court judge extended the order to keep her on that ventilator until january 7th so the family could appeal the ruling. the family attorney filed additional documents related to that appeal today. they want a court to force children's hop to perform the necessary procedures to move the child. the hospital has until friday to
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respond. dr. paul burne is mentioned in those documents. he's a retired pediatrician contacted by the family who believes jahi is tistill alive d claims to have and her move in recent days. >> she is not truly dead. she is in worse shape now than she was yesterday, than she was last week. >> reporter: jahi's mother tells us that they will -- the family will spend, ring in the new year at her bedside, same place where they spent christmas and where her mother has spent every night since that tonsil surgery back on december 9th. legal wranglings will continue and we'll continue to watch them for you. in oakland, kris sanchez, nbc bay area fuse. >> thank you, kris. we're learning more about the long island facility willing to open its doors to jahi, called new beginnings and founded by a woman who gave up a career as a hairstylist after her father suffered a traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle stent.
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it's not clear how the center might treat jahi. the center released this statement on its facebook page today. "this child has been fined as a deceased person but has the functional attributes of a living person despite her brain injury. we encourage every american citizen to learn what their rights as patients truly are especially in dire circumstances". stay with us for continuing coverage of the developing story. if you'd like to hear more from a doctor who told the california court he believes jahi mcmath is not truly dead and is assisting the mcmath family, visit we posted a raw video of that exclusive interview. new details tonight on the officer-involved shooting in san francisco. police say this is the man who allegedly tried to run over an officer after a wild chase last night. his name is samuel and a convict out on probation. officers spotted him driving with what appeared to be a weapon or contraband. he raced off.
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police chased him from the bay view district and 19th avenue and taravell street where he crashed into another car. the suspect ended up crashing into a concrete barrier and was arrested. happening right now, new year's eve preparations. here's a live look at san francisco. where countless parties are planned for tonight, of course. there's one in particular that always draws a huge crowd. and that is the fireworks show along the embarcadero. nbc bay area is in san francisco with a look for us. hello. >> reporter: hello, diane. san francisco is ready for a big new year's eve party. the barricades are in place and thousands of people are expected to come down here to the embarcadero for the big fireworks show. but that's not the only party in town. hotels and clubs are also having parties. the weston st. francis says it's the businessiest night of the year. people are checking in, spending a safe night in one place. they will have access to an international new year's eve. >> in our ballroom, we have an
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organization that's actually hosting an international event with various international venues. so you have europe, asia, u.s., all located around various ballrooms with different entertainment in each of those spaces. >> reporter: the embarcadero will get crowded around 11:00 for the big fireworks show at midnight welcoming in 2014. some 5,000 devices will fill the sky with fireworks near the building ushering in the new year. now, police will be out in force. take a look. traffic is a little backed up right now but not too bad. later on it will be a mess. public transportation is your best bet. bring your good will, take public transportation, and wear lots of layers because it's already a little bit chilly out here. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> if you don't want to deal with all that stuff she's talking about or can't get to san francisco tonight, watch the fireworks from the comfort of your own home. we'll be streaming it live on
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our website at in the south bay, hundreds of people will ring in the new year a the fairmont hotel. the hotel will hold three events tonight. a dinner party, a dance party, and then the big event. the balloon drop at midnight. followed by another dance party celebration. >> we are trying to welcome many different groups of people of different ages and for them to choose fairmont san jose as their place to be for the holidays and to celebrate the new year. >> the hotel staff says they expect to pop anywhere between 400 to 500 bottles of champagne during tonight's festivities. and coming up at 6:30, celebrating new year's eve on a whole other level. behind-the-scenes look at some of san francisco's mega parties including one that promises to be a real circus. we'll also have a live update from the big apple. here's a live look right now at times square where the party is already under way tonight. and still to come, a health
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alert. the dairy product that's been linked to salmonella outbreak. more trouble for target. why shoppers may find it difficult to use a gift card from the retail jiil giant. more on a mysterious crop circle. details on the design and why it was mowed down this afternoon. >> it can be very severe. it can really put you out of commission for a long time. >> state health officials say the flu is spreading. what we're learning about what's going around and what has them especially concerned.
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cheese lovers beware. public health officials are warning people to not eat cashew cheese products. made by the cultured kitchen. they may be contaminated with salmonella. there are reports of 15 cases in the western u.s., 12 right here in california. three patients have actually been hospitalized.
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so far, no deaths have been reported. the cultured kitchen based in west sacramento issued a voluntary recall of all flavors of its cheese products. the flu is on the rise in california and doctors say it's not do late to get your flu shot. the state department of public health identified three strains of flu as most common including h1n1 virus which tends to be more severe in children and young adults. h1n1 emerged as the leading cause of the 2009 pandemic. >> one thing we're concerned about, we're hearing from many counties that the number of cases due to influenza that are severe enough to send people to the intensive care unit and make them very sick appears to be increasing. >> for most people, the viral infection will go away, but if it doesn't, you're advised to see your qdoctor. january and february are traditionally the peak seasons for the flu. a livermore toddler is fighting for her life. that's not stopping her family
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from trying to help others. delaney newton is battling brain cancer and in the past three months needed more than a dozen blood transfusions. her family realized she wouldn't have survived without the transfusions so it inspired them to hold a blood drive today. >> we wanted to replace what delaney was given and give more because we know there's other families, other people out there, other kids that need the blood just as much. >> the american red cross sponsored the blood drive and more than 100 people turned out to donate. delaney was able to come home for christmas but has more rounds of chemotherapy in weeks ahead. two protests in oakland have city leaders alerting the public. the first demonstration is tonight. some of the people in the occupy oakland movement have circumstance lated f circulator to bring friends, noise makers and fireworks to support oakland inmates as they march to the jail several blocks from city hall. leaders have not received a permit prompting oakland to warn
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residents to park their car in a safe place and keep doors locked. tomorrow at night, activists plan to mark the fifth anniversary of the shooting death of oscar grant at the b.a.r.t. fruitvale station. that event has received a permit. turn them in. don't light them up. that's the message tonight from oakland police this new year's eve. fireworks are illegal in oakland and if you're caught lighting them, you may have to pay a $1,000 fine. parents, you are responsible if your children set off those fireworks. police are also warning people about shooting off guns at midnight. extra officers will be patrolling the city. >> typically new year's eve often does bring fireworks and celebratory gun fire. they pretty much go hand in hand. we really want to encourage everyone to have a safe new year and discourage anyone who wants to participate in the illegal fireworks and celebratory gunfire. >> you can turn in fireworks at the following six oakland fire stations. martin luther king jr. way, 14th
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street, international boulevard, 34th street, 50th avenue, and 9 8th avenue. people who use b.a.r.t. will pay more money starting tomorrow. and some touristses who use muni will be paying more as well. b.a.r.t. passengers will pay an overage of 19 cents per ride tomorrow. we're told the increase will help pay for future train cars and a control system. now, tourists who buy one-day passports on muni allowed them to ride table cars as well as trolleys and buses, they're going to pay $1 more or $15 per ticket. there's another victim of high rents in the city of campbell. after more than three decades of doing business in the prune yard shopping center, boswells will shut its doors. the bar owners say rent is too high. the restaurant and bar has been in the same spot for the past 36 years. tonight's new year's bash will be its last one at least there. now, to an nbc bay area follow up. a crop circle in the salinas valley attracted so much
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attention the landowner hired armed security guards to keep people off the property. today that landowner ordered a crew to plow over the entire field. the crop circle is now gone. this is what it looked like yesterday. video shot by an aerial photographer. we're learning more about the design today. braille experts say in center of the design is a braille inscription that has a number 192 over and over. why that number is still a mystery. >> we're going to have to look into that. and now to the developing weather. king tides continue to cause headaches for many people along the coast. this is what it looked like in sausalito today where streets were flooded. the high tide forced crews to close this highway 101 off ramp near mill valley for several hours today. at the beach, visitors are warned about the huge waves. the king tides are expected to last through thursday with waves as high as 6 1/2 feet. the phenomenon also creates extremely low tides.
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okay. let's get a check of our forecast. it's the last day of 2013. what is it going to look like? >> hard to believe. >> looking pretty good. shaping up good for anyone heading into san francisco from the east bay, those of you with the fast pass able to cruise through. if you have the cash, stop at the tolls. traffic beginning to back up right now. not too much wind as you cross the bridge this evening. temperatures dropping into the 40s in the north bay. need the jacket tonight if you're going outside for new year's eve celebrations. across the bay, from the east bay looking toward san francisco, excellent visibility tonight. for one of the only fireworks shows expected across the bay area. again, with our dry fire weather here throughout much of the bay, it's going to be pretty hard to find those fireworks forren to. so if you're heading to any kind of celebrations, whether in san francisco, oakland, san jose, walnut creek, you can take that jacket and it's safe to leave the umbrella at him. dry weather with temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. walnut creek could be the chilliest expecting 45 degrees.
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now let's get you into the 24-hour forecast. we'll begin with cloud cover at 7:00 a.m. in the south bay and 40 degrees. sunny skies by the noon hour. the peninsula, start slightly warmer. jacket weather in the morning hours. sunny skies by noon. then we'll see partly cloudy skies as we head throughout 5:00 p.m. san francisco, not starting off too cold. 46 degrees. you'll have plenty of cloud cover to begin. the clouds begin to push back as we head throughout the afternoon. we'll get a look at the north bay, east bay, tri valley. it will be the north bay, again, starting off the coldest. a lot of chilly air getting trapped into the interior valleys. 34 there. 40 in the tri valley. temperatures by noon expected in the low 60s. so we are definitely ready for new year here in the weather department. if you missed the top of the show, it is now one of the driest calendar years ever. it is official. not just for one or two select cities but pretty much 99% of the bay area. we've only had 3 to 8 inches of rain in 2013. this breaks records that have been 50 to 100 years old.
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we'll have more on the full forecast coming up later on. >> thanks, jeff. still ahead, an in-flight emergency. how two women came to the rescue of an airline pilot who blacked out at the controls. a new year means new laws. we'll take a look at some of them in california.
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with this coming new year comes some new laws for california. gun owners will have to keep their guns locked if they live with someone who has a criminal or mental health record. another new law limits when game wardens can shoot and kill mountain lions that wander into populated areas. and starting january 1st, hunters will be banned from trapping bobcats near joshua tree national park with other national parks to follow. >> when we look at 2013, we see that california made great strides in protecting our environment. and in particular, in really focusing on protecting some of
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the most vulnerable species in california like the bobcats. >> and for california children with multiple guardians, a new law allows the possibility of more than two adults to be named as the parents of a child, so all parents can have legal rights. starting tomorrow, minimum wage is going up in california. it will go from $8 to $9 an hour and 2016 scheduled to jump to $10 an hour. target is apologizing tonight to shoppers for another problem this holiday season. this time, with gift cards. the retailer r says an unknown number of gift cards sold were not properly activated leaving customers at the registers with cards with no value. they say they will honor the affected cards and customers don't need a receipt for them. less than two weeks ago target was hit with a data security breach that affected 40 million card holders. netflix is testing new price plans for streaming video as it tries to lure more people from competition. netflix is offering new customers plans with access to
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as many as four screens. prices range from $6.99 to $11.99 a month. a spokesman says for the time being only new customers will see the test prices. the plans could expand if they are popular. just ahead, the problem that forced the evacuation of a delta flight preparing to take off from san jose today. plus the case had been cracked. what wildlife experts say it killing bald eagles. just into our newsroom, a bay area connection to the ship stuck in the antarctic. what we've learned about two of the passengers. ♪
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okay. check your watches. about 5 1/2 hours for us but in new york city they're just 2 1/2 hours away from 2014. >> i don't have a watch. about a million people are expected to ring in 2014 in new york. nbc's stephanie stanton is one of them. stephanie, what's it like out there right now? pretty crazy? >> reporter: it is absolutely incredible. this is the first time i've ever been to times square for new year's. the first time i've ever covered. it is incredible. the energy is unlike any other. as you said, just a few hours away from midnight here. the party is in full swing. melissa ethridge took the stage. blondie is behind me. she's getting ready to take the stage at any moment. i'll tell you one thing, aside from the celebrations here, folks are doing whatever they can to keep warm.
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the temperatures are in the mid 20s. and it's going to be a chillily start to 2014. the new year's eve ball adorned with more than 2,600 waterford crystals and 32,000 l. ve.d. lights was tested monday along with confetti ahead of tonight's celebration. revelers from around the world have begun desecending on times square. >> everybody comes here for new year. >> my dream since i was a tr teenager and finally i could come here. i'm so excited. >> reporter: excitement fills the air as millions are expected to line the streets to say good-bye to 2013 and usher in the new year. some have been here before. >> just absolutely love it here. it's my favorite place to be. we got engaged here. it's got special memories rp others will see the 11,000-pound ball drop for the first time. >> this is an experience for me. i've never been into the new year's in new york city. so this is great. i'm so excited.
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>> reporter: police are ready. security is tight. with temperatures in the mid 20s, this year will be the coldest new year's eve in five years. but even chilly weather won't keep millions away from the experience of a lifetime. and the party continues. then at 11:59, supreme court justice sonia sotomayor will flip the switch and officially help ring in 2014. live in times square, stephanie stanton, back to you guys. >> thanks. happy new year, stephanie. across the globe in australia, it's already 2014. >> four, three, two, one! happy new year! >> more than 1 million people there cramped into the area around sydney harbor to see the fireworks display that lit up the city's iconic opera house and harbor bridge. a 12-minute-long light show welcomed the new year. new zealand said good-bye to 2013 two hours before sydney with fireworks over auckland's sky tower. thousands of people in san
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francisco will be celebrating the new year in style. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us how one is quite the circus. >> reporter: there was a time when an elaborate new year's eve party meant a little dancing, some champagne and party hats. peter akworth remembers the new year of his childhood. >> as a kid, you know, new year's was always a little bit of a disappointment for more. >> reporter: akworth who runs the adult website is making up for the days. this year he's hosting a new year's eve bash inside san francisco's historic armory which he owns. >> this place used to be known as the madison square garden of the west last century, had big boxing matches here and so on. >> reporter: for tonight, the 40,000 square foot drill court will be home to djs, circus performers, artists and 3,800 new year's revelers. >> the enjoyable part of this is bringing these communities together. so much excitement.
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everybody's smiling. everybody's really excited to be putting this party on. >> reporter: the bash, which is already sold out, is part of a new wave of e will laborate news eve parties, to bay area's performers and artists. >> look around and there's artists everywhere. i think to be a part and contribute to art is the way of the world. >> reporter: a sea of dreams, organizers converted san francisco's bill graham civic auditorium into a fantasy playground with art, and of course, thousands of balloons. >> these are people that put their entire year, they think about it 365 days a year and as do we, and then there's a one-night payoff. >> reporter: akworth's party represents his first major event in the historic armory since dumping more than $3 million into fixing up the drill court for the wood floor and sound installation. he said so far he's learned a big lesson about throwing big parties. >> this is stressful as hell
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putting something like this. on my e-mail has never been so full. >> going to be a great party. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> that was pretty fun. is your home for new year's eve. click on the button at the top of the page and see how people are celebrating new year's all over the world. an engine fire prompted the evacuation of a delta flight today at san jose airport. passengers were evacuated safely and fire officials say the flames were confined to one engine. thick fog also delayed about a dozen inbound and outbound flights out of san jose. it's supposed to be a quick flight from des moines to denver last night, it was interrupted by an in-flight emergency forcing an early landing in omaha, nebraska. two nurses, one from california, came to the rescue after the pilot blacked out. the two women had never met. >> just working with each other and in tandem, it seemed to go pretty good. >> they say the pilot was unconscious after suffering a heart problem. they were glad to find the plane
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was well stocked with medical supplies. while they helped the pilot, the co-pilot landed the plane safely. as for the pilot, he is in the hospital. his condition is unknown. passengers on a russian ship trapped in the antarctic ice are preparing to be rescued by helicopter and just learned among the people onboard is a couple from richmond. george and norma and 72 others braved the frigid temperatures and went outside today to stomp down on the snow and ice. why, you ask? so the helicopter can land. three ice breaker ships have failed to reach the vessels which has been stranded since christmas eve. if the weather improves, the helicopter will fly in, pluck the 52 passengers and transport them to a chinese ship that's on standby. the 22 crew members will remain onboard to man the ship. mystery solved. experts now say the 27 bald eagles who died in utah this month were killed by the west nile virus. what's still unknown is how the eagles contracted west nile.
6:35 pm
it's wintertime and the virus is normally spread by mosquitos in the summertime. utah's division of wildlife resources says the eagles probably scavenged on smaller birds that died while migrating through salt lake city. bald eagles were only removed from the threatened species list six years ago. is the nsa trying to turn your iphone into a secret listening device? software designed by the nsa that could hack into your phone and turn it into an informer recording audio and contacting information as well. apple is unawe ware of the program and would never weaken any of its products. ford says sales in north america will top 4.2 million vehicles this year making it the top selling u.s. brand over toyota. the automaker says it's seen double-digit growth in cars, trucks and suvs and has the best-selling vehicle in the country with f-series pickup.
6:36 pm
it will sell more than 6600,000 passenger cars this year, the most since 2000. still to come, russia on high alert after two deadly bombings. what kind of security the world can expect in sochi for the winter olympics. also -- >> the bell that could help wipe away all the negativity from your life so you can ring in the new year with a clean slate. and with 2014 almost here, those skies are beginning to clear just in time for new year's eve. coming up, we'll tell you how low that temperature will go when we hit midnight in just a few minutes.
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visitors to san francisco's asian art museum were literally ringing in the new year today. this 16th century bell from japan tolled 108 times this morning. and according to buddhist belief, each ring of the bell wipes the slate clean of 108 bad experiences, wrongdoings and bad luck and a japanese kust tom that welcomes in the new year. >> with each ring of the bell, we are -- purifying ourselves, expunging that negative desire from ourselves. >> this year marks the museum's 28th annual bell /huñringing. the bell is only put on display for two weeks a year. if you are going out to celebrate new year's, bay area public transit agencies have special hours to make it easier for you to get around safely. muni is free.
6:40 pm
b.a.r.t. extended its hours until 3:00 a.m. cal train free to ride after 8:00 p.m. the last train will leave san francisco at 2:15. another option to help you get home tonight if you drink too much, aaa's free tipsy tow service. the company has done this for the last 16 years. all you need to do is call 1-800-400-4aaa and tell the operator i need a tipsy tow. the tow driver will take the driver and the car home and you don't have to be a aaa member for this service. >> that is very nice of the company. very generous. >> and, jeff -- >> yes? >> what do we expect tonight? >> a lot of pressure. >> i'm not feeling it at all. >> it's so easy for you. too easy. >> i like this. all right. mainly clear skies across the south bay. we have the haze and also the poor air quality. we'll talk more about that. most importantly, what you can expect as we ring in 2014 in just a few minutes.
6:41 pm
happy new year, everyone. the warriors go for a season high six consecutive wins. the sharks taking on the ducks in socal. first, i straighten up my hat and talk about two california kids who made it big. all the way to the nfl. we'll preview colin kaepernick and aaron rodgers. the playoff showdown. next in sports.
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we have breaking news right now. former first lady barbara bush is in the hospital. the office of george h.w. bush issued is a statement saying she was admitted to a hospital in houston yesterday to be treated for respiratory related issue. her family says she's in great spirits and receiving fantastic care. she's 88 years old. we'll keep you updated on the situation as more information
6:44 pm
becomes available. winter olympics are just 36 days away and tonight there's growing concern over security in sochi. this week two suicide bombers hit the russian city of volgograd. one attack targeted the city's main train station. the other a trolley bus. at least 34 people are dead. nbc's jim maceda has more from sochi. >> reporter: police now believe it was a male suicide bomber who set off sunday's bomb just inside volgograd train station. he's been identified by several news sources to be a 26-year-old russian. a medical school graduate who converted to a radical and violent form of islam. you'll recall, perhaps, that early on there was speculation that a female suicide bomber had set off that first bomb. investigators are now running dna tests to confirm that i.d. on monday, they said that they'd found links between the two
6:45 pm
attacks. specifically on the similarity of the explosionives used and shrapnel used to maximize the carnage. russia is on a heightened state of alert. security forces have been seen beefing up the transportation hubs like train stations and airport. here at sochi's olympic village, you don't yet get the feel of the so-called ring of steel but that will certainly change in the days and weeks ahead as 40,000 security forces spread out over a 1,500 square mile security zone that will turn sochi, some people say, into a fortress. but there's still growing worries here that a lone, determined suicide bomber might breach that fortress and cause havoc. i'm jim maceda, nbc news, reporting from sochi. now back to you. the clothing for the winter olympics is hitting store shelves. the team usa store is a small part of the olympic training
6:46 pm
center in san diego. we're told you can't find this much u.s. sochi gear anywhere else. consider it a patriotic shopping spree. proceeds are a huge part of team usa's funding. the olympics also represent a huge marketing opportunity for clothing sponsors such as nike and ralph lauren. >> so the idea is to create a piece that not only warms you up but can keep you at more of a perfect warmth as you're working out. >> nike says team usa's hockey jerseys are the lightest weight jerseys our hockey players will ever have played in. order gear at and nbc bay area is your home for sochi 2014. stay up to date by signing up for winter olympics news letter. do so at and search "winter olympics." not very wintery here. >> no. >> mild outside. and we're almost in january. >> i know. you know, personally i could go for temperatures about 20 degrees colder for tonight. just make it feel that much more
6:47 pm
festive. but not going to happen. we'll have more of that new year's eve forecast. don't worry if you're heading out in the next couple hours 37 coming up. i wanted to tease you a bit. current temperatures then we'll fast forward. right now, the cold ef average in the north bay, 46. need layers for new year's eve celebrations, as temperatures will drop to the 30s there. east bay, 52 degrees, haze and a few clouds. awesome visibility for one of the only fireworks shows. at least larger ones expected across the bay right throughout portions of san francisco. now let's take you into the bay bridge approach here from the oakland side over toward san francisco. fast pass users able to get across with no problem. if you have the cash, it's going to show you down unfortunately. light wind 5 to 10 miles per hour. that's not going to slow you down as you get up there on the bridge. new year's eve forecast, 9 miles per hour, not too blustery tonight. 45 degrees, could feel colder in walnut creek.
6:48 pm
looking good in san francisco with 50. oakland, 48. palo alto, expecting 46. take the jacket tonight but absolutely not any kind of umbrella needed at all in the forecast for this evening. let's get a look at the pattern. this has been so frustrating. as we have been talking about in the weather department the past couple weeks. the pacific is actually active. a ton of storm activity out here. we have a cold front with a lot of rainfall tapping into that but it's going to be the same old issue we have been continually faced with the past several months. as that storm system gets close, high pressure down here off to the south is not going to budge and that's going to keep those sunny skies and also hazy conditions at least for the next four days. we're not expecting any chance of any kind of rainfall, unfortunately, in that forecast. and it is so bad, in fact, 2013, that we are now in the driest calendar year ever for 99% of the bay area. since january the 1st, only 5.59 inches of rain in san francisco. so we are certainly ready to flip over that calendar to 2014
6:49 pm
and hopefully get a lot more rainfall in here. we would need a lot of rainfall at least now to help clear out the air quality. still looks at unhealthy levels. in the south bay peninsula and north bay for tomorrow. there is hope in that forecast. it's going to come eventually and mainly here as we head throughout friday and also saturday's forecast when you start to see the air quality begin to lower. we'll get wind in forecast and that's good enough to help to improve that air quality. let's get a look at the microclimate forecast for tomorrow. warm temperatures up a bit in morgan hill. in fact, close to 70 trees after you start with 36. decent jump in the forecast. peninsula, mid 60s. outer ridge cooler at 62. north bay, east bay, tri valley, warmer weather in santa rosa with 67. 68 in livermore. pleasanton at 67. again with the warmer weather, dry pattern in place, we need the rainfall. i put our forecast models on the next possible chance of maybe getting some rainfall close to the bay area.
6:50 pm
not going to happen until tuesday at 8:00 p.m. might get a few showers as we head into next wednesday. just because we can, i want to leave you with the new year's eve forecast as we head throughout tonight. i'm ready for 2014. i'm going to count down the seconds tonight until it flips over. >> me, too. just five hours and ten minutes away. >> good math. >> with the perfect forecast. >> all right. let's check in with henry and happy new year's eve to you, sir. >> happy new year's eve to both of you, janelle and diane. i'm also count down to the big playoff game coming up this weekend. you know, we love rooting for local guys but this weekend, 49ers fans will be rooting against the former cal star quarterback. niners and packers will collide in the playoff at 1:30 sunday. we have a preview from santa clara. >> reporter: after getting pummeled by the 49ers in week one, aaron rodgers and packers are ready to get even. >> he's going to come out with some fire, you know?
6:51 pm
beat them three times in a row, and, of course, someone beat me three times in a row, i'm going to come back and, you know -- >> expect a good game from them and just got to go out and execute our plays. >> he's an extreme competitor. he's one of the best quarterbacks to play this game. you know? so, you know, he's definitely going to go out there and throw it all out there on the line. it's a playoff game. it's a big game. and, you know, he has all the ability in the world to make all the great throws. >> i'm sure he'll be motivated, you know, to the tenth power, whatever you want to say, to his highest level. it's playoffs and he wants to win. you know, we're standing in the way. >> reporter: rodgers showed no signs of rust last week after missing eight weeks because of a broken collarbone. justin smith told me what makes rodgers so dangerous is he's a
6:52 pm
drew brees/peyton manning type of guy that can do everything. he can call plays, he can read defenses. it's playoff time. it's win or go home and we expect his best game. in santa clara, nbc bay area. >> thank you, erin. let's get to hoops. warriors at magic. vote for steph curry campaign made it to disney world. second quarter, clay thompson has a wide open curry in the corner but gets it for the dunk. third quarter thompson misses the three. david lee is there for the tip-in. starters, you get to sit on your butt for the entire fourth quarter. jackson goes to the bench. drives. finishes with the left hand. season high 12 for him. warriors win 94-81. their sixth straight victory. >> these past two games have been very good on us. road teams. tough teams at home. big win for us. >> our approach becomes
6:53 pm
contagious. guys leading not just with their mouth by leading by example. the way they're competing, it's great. >> the warriors will take on the two-time defending champs miami heat on thursday. one score update for both of you and all of our viewers. the sharks are trailing in the second intermission 4-2 to the ducks. we'll have more at 11:00. >> hopefully they'll catch up. thanks so much, henry. for a full half hour of bay area coverage, watch comcast sportsnet central tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be right back. ♪
6:54 pm
i wish i was made of money. i wish you were too. chances are, you're not made of money. so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico motorcycle. see how much you could save.
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okay. that's pretty impressive. guess where it is? gives it away there, doesn't it?
6:56 pm
it was new year's eve like any other in dubai. thousands of people witnessed what could be a guinness world record set. city known for its glitz and glamour used about a half million fireworks from 400 firing locations making it what they claim was the world's largest fireworks show ever. it's spectacular one way or the other. the six-minute show covered more than 16 miles of waterfronts. guinness has yet to confirm the world record. >> it should win. that is just beautiful. >> just because it's so spectacular. >> amazing. >> tonight at 11:00, live team coverage of new year's eves celebrations around the bay area and we'll be streaming tonight's fireworks show in san francisco live on our website, so you can watch it from the comfort of your own home at midnight. >> yes. where it's nice and warm. it's comfortable outside but certainly not warm. >> if you have one of the huge tvs, with the hd lately -- >> wouldn't notice the difference. >> it's like you're there. all right. if you're going outside to see one of the larger fik fireworks
6:57 pm
there's a fire ban in citieses but in san francisco they're going to shoot them off tonight. great visibility there in sf. see the cars still moving into the city pretty good there in that fast track lane. so all good. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. if you're headed to san francisco. oakland, the upper 40s tonight. still need to take the jacket as well. and we've got one final view here in san jose. this is where we do have the worst air quality. my best advice if you want to it outside would be head up to san francisco. it's going to be a beautiful evening there. probably getting a lot of those viral videos you can share, maybe some of the awesome fireworks. >> you think? >> yes. >> enjoy the last few hours of 2013. and thanks for ringing in new year's eve with us. >> and we're going to leave you with a look at new york and times square. two hours, the countdown is on to new year's eve and new year's day. >> oh.
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jennifer aniston in a bikini, blowing up the breakup rumors, now on "extra". brand new pics, jen and justin, howard and beth, kimmel and courtney, an all-star escape to mexico. >> mexico seems to be the go-to vacation spot. >> love it. vacation star wars, hot versus cold. simon and rihanna on the beach, the kardashian and mariah on the slopes. then, how you can party with her tonight. mariah carey's extra a-list interview revealing the on-set injury that was worse than anybody thought. >> could i have died. robin roberts' co-host on her decision to come out o


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